Lighting Can Make a Difference

Lighting can make a big difference in the interior environment of your home. Good lighting helps us to see better and perform tasks more easily. It also provides safety, security and a sense of comfort. Lighting and lighting controls also provide us with the flexibility to adjust and adapt the mood and ambience of our homes.

Lighting adds beauty and drama to a room. It can make a small room look open and airy, and a large room appear comfortable and inviting. It can create an entertaining, or a comfortable feeling of relaxation after a long, tiring day.

Lighting fixtures are an ideal accessory to supplement the interior décor of your house. With an unlimited range of styles, shapes, colors and sizes, lighting fixtures can provide the finishing touch to a comprehensive interior design scheme. They add the sparkle to our homes in the same way that jewelry adds sparkle to our bodies.

In so many ways, lighting can make a difference. And, it is an inexpensive home remodeling or decorating option that can change a room dramatically at a small cost.

Determining Your Needs

Lighting should be planned to complement your lifestyle. To accomplish a comprehensive and successful lighting solution, it is best to develop a home lighting plan that meets your individual needs and those of your family.

When planning your lighting:

  • Identify the activities that occur in each room (reading, food preparation, hobby work, grooming, laundry, homework, etc.).
  • Identify the mood or ambience that you want to create.
  • Identify the decorative elements you wish to emphasize.
  • Keep in mind that dark colors absorb much light, and therefore it is necessary to provide supplementary light in spaces with dark wall colors and finishes.
  • When remodeling, it is important to note the extent of the remodeling and identify the existing electrical locations.
  • Also, identify those areas serving more than a single purpose and those that will require more than one type of lighting.

If you need assistance with your plan, a Kay Lighting Certified Lighting Consultant will be happy to help.

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