Get to Know the Brands: Varaluz

Varaluz pendant in a modern and bright interior

Beautiful AND sustainable lighting? That’s what we call a win-win! And Varaluz must think so too, because their gorgeous assortment of lighting is all handcrafted from eco-friendly materials like recycled steel and bottles. This is upcycling at its finest!

Besides just being eco-friendly, Varaluz is a firm believer in handcrafting all their pieces. Their artistic team is based in the Philippines, and spends hours adding mosaics, paints, fibers, and more to each unique article of lighting. Every piece is one of a kind! 

It isn’t just hand crafted, it’s beautiful and functional as well. Varaluz has almost 800 pieces in the Kay Lighting collection, including pillows, wine racks, end tables, and more! We love the unique sense of style that goes into every Varaluz piece, and think you will too. Check out some of our favorite items from our Varaluz assortment below! 


The Fascination Collection

Fascination Pendant

In the Fascination collection, Varaluz mimicked the bottle ends with recycled steel circles of varying sizes filled with recycled glass discs. Rarely before has a design based in "old" seemed so powerfully new.



The Argyle Collection

Argyle Collection

In the Argyle collection, Varaluz took New Bronze-finished ribs and backed them with Desert Pearl-finished double-stamped recycled steel plate. Sparkle coats the interior for a bonus "Wow" when lit.


The Reel Collection

Reel Movie Collection

It is a romantic idea, the sound and soft flickering of a vintage movie reel. Reel marries the unlikely couple of Industrial and Comfortable. The result is an appealing blend of confidence and charm, most at home right where you are.


The Iconic Collection

Iconic Light Collection

Much more than a mere suggestion of Mid-Century Modern, Iconic goes all out. It's hand-forged from heavy gauge recycled steel and hand painted in a metallic finish that hints at the warmth of wood.


The Matrix Collection

The Matrix Light Living Room Chandelier

Enter the Matrix with this delightfully retro collection of chandeliers, pendants, and sconces. The aged gold finish and retro-modern personality brings 70s glam with a dash of rock-and-roll.



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