Accent Lighting

General Lighting

General service A bulbs, in recessed fixtures, provide wide light distribution. BR bulbs also provide wide light distribution while PAR bulbs provide more concentrated light.

Coverage per fixture is based on providing 15 to 25 foot candles of light. In rooms with darker color, use higher wattages. For the number of fixtures needed in a given area, consult Kay showroom experts for manufacturers’ literature.

Wall Washing

Find the spacing (S) for the fixtures. For the required number of fixtures, divide the length of the wall by spacing (S). Place the fixtures the same distance from the wall as (S). Example: For medium light level using wall washers with 75-watt A bulbs, five fixtures are needed to wash a 10-foot wall.

Accent Lighting

Use the chart to select a bulb for the size of beam desired to accent the subject. Light levels range from 20-foot to 60-foot candles at the center of the beam. Example: At a 2-foot mounting distance, a 50-watt MR-16FL bulb will cast an 8-foot by 3-foot beam.

Distance from Wall (D) Lamp Selection Beam Length (L) Beam Width (W)
2 feet (8-foot ceiling)

50W PAR-36 WFL (12v)
50W MR-16FL (12v)
75W BR-30 SP
75W BR-30 FL

5 feet
8 feet
4.5 feet
Wall Bottom

2.5 feet
3 feet
2 feet
7 feet

3 feet (10-foot ceiling)

75W PAR-30 FL
25W PAR-36 NSP (12v)
50W MR-15 NSP (12v)
50W MR-16 NFL (12v)
75W PAR-30 SP

5.5 feet
2 feet
2 feet
5.5 feet
3 feet

2 feet
1 foot
1.5 feet
3 feet

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